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HR consulting is a line of work where consultants provide one or more categories of HR-related services to the business. These might include helping the business develop a suitable employee benefits package, handling the recruitment process and hiring of a new workforce, making reorganisation recommendations or acting as a liaison between management and employees to help resolve employee disputes.

As an HR consultant, you can work in a company or independently. You can be a generalist offering help with several HR-related tasks, or you can specialise in a particular area of HR, such as benefits or labour relations. A consulting firm may use your professional expertise as part of a team approach to working with a business or you can market your services to companies that have that specific need.

The specific job responsibilities of an HR consultant differ depending on the needs of the client. There are, however, several duties most HR consultants may perform, including:

  • Meeting with clients to determine their HR needs or issues

  • Working with clients to develop, revise and implement appropriate HR policies

  • Assessing the client’s current HR services and programs to be sure they comply with state and federal regulations and are consistent with industry standards

  • Analysing data and developing reports for management about specific HR projects

  • Auditing the client’s HR activities to verify they are compliant

  • Offering HR-related training to each client



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